The Morningside - Yellow

Hi everyone! If you came here accidently you may for example just watch guinea pig we are glad to provide you with this picture!

And for sure we are very glad to welcome you here if you came here on purpose in order to know something new. Or something old, but very good. Or something whatever it is. So we welcome you at the official web-page of The Morningside!

By the way what is The Morningside? Who do we think we are? We are four dudes middle aged from Moscow, Russia. We are enough friendly, enough grumbling, enough talented to get few neurotic music, by gathered.

To tell you the truth four of us we really love different kind of music, though we enjoy playing the music that we play and following the way that we go together. We are happy that you listen to our music and the only thing that we really want to say by our music: "All you need is love".

Love and Peace.

Sincerely yours, The Morningside